the obligatory “about me” page

I’m only writing this because it has come to my attention that people are reading this page. I have no idea what you may want to know about me that you couldn’t get from the first blog. I like to drink, I don’t like to clean and I spend a lot of time with a lot of  kids.

A lot of kids, to be exact, is 4 of my own and at least two others that I watch during the day. My own kids are 17 and 13 (girls) and 10 months and 2 years (boys). Our daytime friends are a 2 year old boy and a 3 month old girl. I also watch kids randomly, when requested, if I feel my sanity can handle it. I’m not as forever alone as I like to let on and complain about.  The Barkeep, co-creator of the little rowdy boys, is busy running the bar we own and cooking at the steakhouse where he has worked for 20 years. When he is not busy with work he is often building us an addition so we have room for all these people and our 3 cats which I will mostly like refer to as beasts of hell, demons or some other unpleasant moniker. There is just so much fur and vomit.

My friends are all amazing people that I am proud to be associated with so I will probably brag about them here as much as my own family. I used to be involved in the local live music scene so I know a lot of crazy characters. I miss that aspect of my life and keep thinking about getting back into it again… we’ll see what happens.

I am a scale tipping liberal. I’ve tried to deny it most of my life, claiming labels are unnecessary, but it’s bound to come up in my writing so if that offends you… you know what to do. I overuse the ellipsis and refuse to use the semi-colon. A comma can handle it’s workload. I cuss a lot. Negativity bores me. I don’t like mean people. I have a vast array of fears, both rational and ridiculous, from strange dogs to knives to dishwater. This whole story takes place in the middle of the Midwest in a small, but functioning city.

I’m slowly coming up with nicknames for everyone because much to my delight and somewhat to my humbled, awkward embarassment, people are sharing my blog. Of course, that is what I want, but it surprised me. I will eventually edit this page to include a list of nicknames and who they correspond with in my life. Feel free to share the blogs you find amusing and helpful and please please please COMMENT sometimes. I spend a lot of time with itty bitties so grown up feed back makes me happy.

If there’s anything else you need to know about me then you really need to sharpen up your stalking skills.

As promised, the cast of characters:

The Bar or The New Bar – The bar we own now, as opposed to bars we worked for or used to own.

The Barkeep – My boyfriend. He runs the bar, hence the name. He’s also a cook. I will never quote him because he almost never talks.

Beauty – My now 14 year old daughter was 13 when I started this blog. She is writing an entire sitcom in her head at all times that she started when she was four. She loves make up and fashion.

H-Bomb (the artist formerly known as BFF) –  Um, derp. This is my best friend. We have matching butterfly tattoos and a lot of stories I can never share because this blog is only a little bit anonymous and that just isn’t enough.

Goldilocks or Goldy – My oldest daughter, now 18. Clever and quotable. Also beautiful and gifted. It’s my specialty. She’s probably a better writer than me and definitely more sensible.

Little S – My fourth and final baby, had just turned a year old when I first wrote this, he is 19 months old now and has an Irish temper. He’s chubby and happy and likes to put things in boxes. He also likes to tear things up and knock things down. We might change his name to The Destroyer, except I refuse to give them unpleasant names.

Sharkboy – Now 2.5 and even though he has a huge vocabulary he is quiet like his dad. He is solar powered like me, though. He’s charming but shy. He loves things that go. <— What a difference 7 months makes. This kid is 3 now and never stops talking!

Stepson – My ex husband’s son. He is 18 and graduated from the same school as Goldy. He is in the National Guard now. He has a younger brother, too.

SIA – A group of phenomenal women that give me inspiration and insight.

There are a lot more characters to be added later but I will try to ease you into our complicated family dynamic, one story at a time. I haven’t even gotten in to Goldy’s family yet.

UPDATE: I just added a quick update of the kids’ ages and personalities. The little ones change fast and frequently. I’m also watching a different set of kids now. I have a 4 year old girl, The Monster Princess and an almost two year old boy that is also a family member, we’ll call him Buddy, because that is what I call little boys way too much anyway.


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