Literally just a bunch of unsolicited advice. Take it or leave it.

There is a power in realizing what matters and what does not. I wish I could say that once you have that realization you never have doubts again, but it takes focus. Surround yourself with the people who matter to you and do not hesitate to walk away from those that do not. Research the issues that are important to you and discuss them, but only with people who respect your values and you theirs. If there is not mutual respect there will be no common ground. This doesn’t mean you have to agree on the topic. Don’t be afraid to disagree, but don’t waste time with people who don’t respect you.

Embrace what matters. Dive into it. Surround yourself with it. It’s easier to recognize what matters when you focus on it. Let the rest go, slowly or all at once. You don’t need it. 

It’s never too late to realize what matters and what does not. You don’t owe anyone your time or energy unless they matter to you and you give it freely. Toxic people and situations will always beckon and may even suck you in. Break free. Climb out. Walk away.

I cannot tell you how powerful or relaxing it is to feel unencumbered of things that don’t matter, you have to feel it. That doesn’t mean that everything is perfect in my life. I still have struggles, but they are so much easier to approach and tackle without the burden of all the things that do not matter.

(Someone please send me this next month when I lose my focus. Thanks)

(Maybe next week.)