A Simple Guide To Rumors

If you see two people holding hands and you tell your friend, “I saw Jack and Jill holding hands,” then you are engaging in gossip. Gossip is generally idle chit chat and not harmful as long as you are telling the truth.

If your friend tells another friend that Jack and Jill were holding hands (even though she did not see it) then she is spreading a rumor.

If you see Jack and Jill holding hands and you jump to the conclusion they are sleeping together you might be sexually deprived or just bored.

If you report your conclusions to your friends as a fact you are a busy body. And a liar.

If you report your conclusions to Jill’s husband as a fact then you are committing slander.

If you write a blog about Jill sleeping with Jack you are defaming her character in writing and that is libel.

These definitions do not have to apply to sex, romance and relationships. Any time idle chit chat involves the business of others there is a chance of creating unnecessary drama, putting people’s relationships, friendships, jobs and sanity in jeopardy.

You can prevent such chaos by simply not stepping on board the rumor mill. Do not report gossip that you cannot confirm. Do not repeat information that may not be true. Step away from the internet, bar stool or water cooler.

You’ve got this.