A Short, Simple Thanksgiving Thought

Somehow we have charged right into the middle of November and the start of the holiday season while I was busy planning for it. (How does that happen?) The election is over but the political scandals roll on, and with each new revelation I think the same thing that I always have.

How many scandals does a person have to bear witness to before they decide not to become involved in a scandal themselves? In the age of the paparazzi, TMZ, Constant News Networks and the internet, THE INTERNET FOR FUCK’S SAKE, where everything is broadcast and tweeted and torn apart and put back together Frankenstein style, in this age of constant scrutiny, where even pawn shop owners and redneck fishermen are under the public microscope 24 hours a day, why, WHY would anyone with any sort of leadership role or celebrity status do something as stupid as have an affair? Get counseling. Get Cialis. Get an account with Adam&Eve. If all else fails get a divorce- a nice, normal divorce where the public speculates that one of you got fat or one of you needs Cialis but where nobody drags their family through the trauma of a public affair.


Stop being such a douche. Do you realize how lucky you are? You have someone to take to the movie. You never have to eat alone. Your bed is warm. When you tell a dumb joke and no one else laughs you have someone that will always chuckle and squeeze your arm and make you feel better. You have a partner. You have children that think you are wonderful. They don’t know about the dark, stupid thoughts you are having and they never have to if you don’t act on them. Go home. Fix what is broken and embrace what you have.

Do you know how many people want what you have? There are entire websites dedicated to the search for a partner, family, belonging. And you want to throw it all away. For what? An ego boost? A quick piece of ass? I guess there are plenty of websites dedicated to that, as well, and if that is what you want I encourage you to stay single. Not everyone has been given the ability to marry (yet) but everyone has the right to stay single. Use it.

You have a beautiful family. Go home. Set the table. Pass the rolls. Give thanks.


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